From Blue, To Greene is a music duo comprised of Kaela & Austin. The engaged couple resides in Las Vegas and spends their time sharing their talent through social media with an emphasis on their YouTube channel and Livestreams. They started posting videos on their YouTube page in August of 2020 and have grown exponentially within the past several months. The couple is consistently gaining subscribers and are about to hit the milestone of 100,000 subscribers in under 1 year. Kaela & Austin have collaborated with other successful YouTubers such as Harry Mack and Marcus Veltri. Their content focuses on playing music for stranger's on the website Omegle (a randomized video chat) and edit together those reactions into various video topics. Some of their video topics include singing music from a certain decade, music from a specific artist and even sing in various languages such as Tagalog and Japanese. Collectively, the duo plays the Violin, Guitar, Sing, Cajon, Piano, Harmonica, Bass and Beatboxing. From Blue, To Greene's overall variety has allowed them to succeed on the platform in a short amount of time. They are always looking to push the boundaries with what is capable from only 2 musicians! 



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