Are you interested in taking lessons with working class professionals in the music industry? People who not only know what they're teaching, but have real world experience performing and honing their craft for all their life with nearly 2,000 shows performed. Look no further! We can teach any combination of Guitar, Vocals, Violin, Cajon, & Bass. We can do online lessons in real-time, one-on-one. 


  • Personalized lessons with either male or female teachers at the discretion of the students choice

  • Real world applications and knowledge from top collegiate music schools such as Berklee College of Music in Boston & The University of The Arts in Philadelphia

  • Flexible schedules to ensure lessons happen on the students terms

  • 5 combinations of instruments that can be taught in lessons. (Want to take guitar, violin, and vocal lessons but don't have the money for all 3, no problem, we can split each lesson into sectionalized compartments for each instrument you desire, for no extra cost!)

  • Curriculums developed specifically for each individual student, tailored to their goals and aspirations as a musician

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