Using The Morning To Your Advantage

Updated: Feb 7

I've always found waking up to be when I am the most clear throughout the day. Clear in mind, clear from any previous aches or pains I had the day before. So often, we don't appreciate the serenity and calmness that a morning can present. It's very easy to skip ahead and get into work... check emails, watch tv, go on social media, and so on.


I want to try more this year to allow myself to take the mornings for me and me only. No phone, no tv, no work, just me and my thoughts. Meditation, journaling, exercise. These are all things that can benefit us greatly in the morning, even if it's just for 30 minutes total. They catapult you into a great direction for the day. A positive direction, that very often, snowballs and continues building upon itself.


Here is a meditation that has helped me greatly, especially when used in the morning before all the stress of life kicks in. I would highly recommend giving this a few tries. It may feel a bit strange at first, but Tony Robbins has helped me in so many ways and this meditation/morning ritual is no exception.



There is one major thing that this Tony Robbins meditation focuses on, gratefulness. It has you split it into 3 separate categories. Gratefulness for the past, your experiences and everything that has led you to this moment. Gratefulness for the present, what you have in front of you and what you are surrounded by. And gratefulness for the future, pacing yourself for positive outcomes and really feeling the joy and happiness that comes along with achieving those future goals. The key is feeling grateful for all situations that life may present, good or bad. Because whether you believe it or not, every outcome pushes you further and further towards where you are truly meant to be!


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